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This FREE Membership will provide you with access to many of the features and benefits of the BHRT WEB platform, such as the “Wellness” Community, streaming video content online, Members-Only sales events, special offers and discounts from great brands, and more. The free membership is for individuals that want to learn about various Wellness products and/or professionals. Free members may contribute to the community with “blog posts” through their personal profile.  BHRT WEB is not responsible for the content you provide, nor does it necessarily reflect the views of BHRT WEB or its affiliates. BHRT WEB reserves the right to delete videos, blog content and more if it violates our content policies or causes danger to readers, etc.  If you sign up for the Free Membership, you will not be charged a subscription fee.  However, your profile and information will be visible to the public unless you choose to not make your profile public.  These settings can be accessed and changed on your profiles settings page.


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